Hello, I’m Talon Gillis and I’m a romantic; that’s why I got into wedding photography, but I’m a romantic—I’m afraid to say—of the hopeless variety. Maybe thats what helps me come up with interesting and beautiful photographs as I often breathe my passion for life and love into my work. I enjoy long walks on the beach of course and I’m usually hand-in-hand with my surf board enjoying the sunset (how very romantic indeed).

I’m an adventurer at heart but I love to get dressed up nice and attend a wedding as the guest photographer.

Meet Talon Gillis Photographer


The camera to me is such a small part of what I do. First and for most I connect and interact with people—observing everything with a thoughtful and caring eye—and when the opportunity arrises, I capture great photographs.

You’ll know when I’m creating good images and things are working out as I will start to get super excited and you will soon begin to feel that excitement as well.

There is no stress and when things are slow, I don’t put any pressure on anyone. We just enjoy the day and as a result you end up with stunning photographs that tell the story of your wedding day.

  • “He’s just a lovely person to have around, his creativity and drive for perfection make for the perfect storm!”

    Andrea & Kory
  • “We found Talon blended in perfectly with the scene at our wedding, he made us feel natural and everyone was relaxed because he was so chill but so professional at the same time.”

    Jamie & Kane
  • “Our photos were above and beyond the standard photo shoot, they are unique, dramatic and artistic. Talon is such a friendly guy and he blended in well with our family and friends.”

    Haley & Ben